We are a non-profit on a mission to foster a grass-roots green energy movement that will provide marginalized women in Latin America a chance to reach their full potential.


Striving toward the 100% model

When you donate or fundraise, we believe as much of your dollar should go directly toward the project as possible. Currently, about 93% of each dollar donated goes directly to the field.


 We prove every project

We plant biofuel producing trees and work toward making women’s lives better. We post growth updates and profiles of the women who are in our programs.

You Can Plant the Seeds of Growth Today

At the heart of everything we want to accomplish, is our biofuel producing plantation. This is where we will offer environmental education, produce a green alternative to gasoline and produce the products we will sell to fund the educational grants for women.

But a plantation doesn’t just magically appear overnight fully formed! Like any farm, it requires us to put seeds in the ground and takes time for them to grow and mature.

This is where you come in! For every $10 donation, we will plant a biofuel producing seed in your name and send you photos so you can watch it grow. Your tree, and therefore your donation, will continue to produce biofuel for up to 50 YEARS, and will also produce offspring that will continue to help the Earth in your name well beyond that.

100 trees in 100 days

Your donation today doesn’t only have immediate benefit, but begins a lifetime of impact. Your tree will grow, mature and produce a green energy alternative, but it will also create seeds and cuttings that will be used to plant even more trees, multiplying the effect of your donation many times over.

Check out how by clicking on the infographic to the left!

A Personal Message from our Founder

Thank you for stopping by. I have always held as my life’s philosophy that each of us should strive to give more than we take, and leave the planet better than how we found it. Empowered Biofuels is my attempt to start a movement that combines the three great passions of my life: Science, Humanitarianism and Environmentalism. These elements form a three-legged stool, each required to provide a solid base from which we can grow in an intelligent and sustainable way. We are confident that our projects can be used as models to help the environment and all marginalized groups.

Lance Harrell

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