About Us

Our Mission and ultimate goal

Empowered Biofuels is a nonprofit agency providing environmental education to local communities and empowering marginalized women in Latin America by engaging them in the research, production and sale of biofuel and biofuel derived products.

what we do

Where we operate

We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit incorporated in the US state of Minnesota, however, the focus of our organization is to aid the women and environment of Latin America, and toward that end:

  • We are currently searching for a small piece of land in Nicaragua to base our primary Jatropha plantation, which will serve as our base of operations and primary biofuel production location.
  • We have also begun working with a few Patrons in Costa Rica that are allowing us access to their existing Jatropha plants. These projects are very important to us because they provide us with planting materials and access to oil producing seeds immediately.

As of June 2016, we have two project locations in Costa Rica where we have been development, Miramar and Alejuela.

What we care about

Equality and Human Rights

Gender-based discrimination is an ever-present obstacle for the women of Latin America. Excluded from the majority of non-domestic economic activities, many women remain trapped in traditional gender roles and never reach their full potential. This is especially true in rural areas where opportunities are even more limited, resulting in many women never finishing high school, learning marketable skills, entering the workforce and becoming self-reliant.

The Environment and Renewable Energy

While great strides are being made in generating electrical power through green technologies such as solar and wind, much less progress has been made in finding a replacement for the liquid fuels we consume, like gasoline, and diesel.

Without a liquid fuel alternative, we will never fully be free of our dependence on petroleum, this is where we saw our opportunity to deal an effective one-two punch to both tragedies.

Our solution was the creation of Empowered Biofuels. Our facilities and programs are a direct response to both worldwide environmental concerns and gender-based exclusion in Latin America.

Our humanitarian programs are designed to offer Latin America women the opportunity to return to school and complete their education, through a grant-based funding system.

Our educational programs offer lectures and activities to any group that seeks to learn about the environmental, social, scientific and economic issues surrounding the green enterprise and sustainable living.

Our environmental programs aid in the reclamation of degraded land and produce an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative fuel, which will be used to power the agency’s facilities, made available to local communities and used to create other green products.