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Centrally located just a few miles from the national capital of Costa Rica, Alejuela is a bustling urban community that is home to the country’s largest mall, the nation’s primary international airport and the majority of the international industrial development.

This skin of prosperity belies the existence of the impoverished underbelly of the region however, with many living well below the poverty line. The urban environment places women at particular risk, as many under-educated or under-privileged women turn to the legalized prostitution industry to make a living.

Through our environmental efforts, we want to offer them another choice. Alejuela’s central location with a large urban center offers several opportunities for the advancement of our mission, including the development of our main offices, international education center and eco-retreat in addition to our regular environmental efforts. This facility will allow us to assist the larger number of women in need in this region by creating more job opportunities and revenue potential for our organization.

We have taken the first step toward this goal on a portion of donated land from one of our supporters, however we need to secure our own land before we can proceed. Therefore, we are currently still seeking funding for this project.



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About Costa Rica/Alejuela

 4,859,340 national population
254,000 approximate city population
21.4% live below the poverty line
31% population of Costa Rica made up of single mothers
Major urban center results in higher risk of prostitution

our work here

Started work in May 2016
Planted 180 Trees thus far with an estimated 1,100 more by the end of 2016
21 hours in development by 3 volunteers
$150 invested thus far

solutions used

Reforesting of open land with Jatropha
Development of Jatropha fence-line 

angel investors

If you are considering making a larger donation, please contact me for details.