planting jatropha in alajuela

Our second generous donation of land!

As we continue to raise the money to purchase our own main plantation, we are getting as many trees in the ground as we can in other locations. Our first small piece of land to use was donated by Gretel out near Miramar, and now we have a second thanks to the Maiquez family which allowed us the usage of an american football field-sized piece of land on their property in Alajuela, near the capital of San Jose.

We wasted no time and went out last weekend to plant the first 100 trees on the property!  It was a pleasant surprise to see that there was already some Jatropha there being used as a living fence and we will be pruning that back to optimize seed production as well as planting more fence line 🙂 Once completely planted,

We’ve launched 100 Biofuel Trees in 100 Days

Our first official fundraiser! Thanks to everyone that has gotten us this far, now it’s time to get some trees in the ground before rainy season! For every $10, we plant a seed in your name, that will grow into a tree that will produce biofuel for 50 years and serve as the source of training and employment for marginalized women in Latin America. That’s a helluva return! We are shooting for a minimum of 100 trees, but can plant as many as you can sponsor. Help me do some good! Love ya all.‪#‎empoweredbiofuels‬


Final preparations for planting in Miramar

Last weekend was a scorcher, but the sweat and sunburn was worth it 🙂  A small group of us spent the last few days in Miramar, Costa Rica, fencing off the small piece of land that was donated by a local woman, Gretel.  We’ll be using it to plant the trees from our upcoming 100 Biofuel Trees in 100 Days campaign in April and we needed the fence to keep her horses from stepping on the baby plants.

Camping is the order of the day for this part of the trip.
Camping is the order of the day for this part of the trip.
No fancy post hole diggers for us, just some shovels and hard work!
No fancy post hole diggers for us,

Our first piece of donated land!

A huge thanks to Gretel, a local woman in Miramar, Costa Rica, who believes in our cause enough to donate a piece of her property for us to begin planting biofuel trees!

These last few days, we’ve surveyed the land and with the help of our volunteers, Olivia, Franklin and Milena, we’ve begun to clean and prepare the land for planting. We also spent some time planting seeds in our nursery for those that donated, so when the time comes, we’ll have several young seedlings ready for transplanting.

It was great to get to know these great people and their hard work and belief in our cause has helped us more a little closer to achieving our goals.