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Green Fuel Production Through Jatropha Oil

The path to sustainable energy production

One of the primary environmental goals of Empowered Biofuels is to produce an environmentally friendly, sustainable, liquid alternative energy source. To reach an significant level of fuel production, a 50-hectare (123 acre) plantation is needed, requiring a sizable capital investment. Therefore, we are starting with a smaller, 10-hectare (25 acre) plantation which will focus on using the Jatropha oil produced to create green products we can sell to raise money. The profits will add to your donations to help fund the expansion of the plantation and thereby production of Jatropha oil as fuel.

How we plan to use the Jatropha Oil

Level 1: During the first few years after we have our plantation in Nicaragua, we will be using the majority of the harvested oil to produce 100% Organic Jatropha Oil Soaps. Mixed with other locally available plant oils, such as banana, coconut, papaya, guanabana, passion fruit, carambola (star fruit), aloe, vanilla, lavender, coffee and many others, we will create a product line that we plan to sell locally and internationally.

Level 2: Beginning in our third year we will be producing enough oil to sustain soap production and use the remainder to power the facility itself via a converted diesel generator that can use SVO (straight vegetable oil) thus removing us from the traditional energy grid and making us completely self-sustaining.

Level 3: After four years, once the plantation reaches full maturity, we will additionally begin to offer Jatropha SVO as an alternative fuel source for the local community. The oil uses could include applications from fuel for cooking stoves to an alternative fuel for diesel-powered vehicles.

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