Educational Grant Assistance Program

The Problem

Gender-based discrimination is an ever-present obstacle for the women of Latin America. Excluded from the majority of non-domestic economic activities, many women remain trapped in traditional gender roles and never reach their full potential. This is especially true in rural areas where opportunities are even more limited, resulting in many women never finishing high school, learning marketable skills, entering the workforce and becoming self-reliant.

How We Want to Help

Through partnerships with local women’s groups that specialize in identifying and assisting impoverished or marginalized women, Empowered Biofuels will use donations and proceeds from the sale of our products to provide annual educational grants to disadvantaged Latin American women that wish to complete their high school education or pursue a university education.

How this fits into our grand vision

  • Help at risk women in Latin America develop marketable skills so they can enter the mainstream workforce and support themselves and their families
  • Spread environmental awareness to local communities in Latin America and to visitors from around the world
  • Provide a locally produced, environmentally friendly alternative liquid energy source

Are you ready to volunteer?

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