Located approximately 110 kilometers from the national capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose, this relatively small rural community of about 6,500 inhabitants is the capital of the canton of Montes de Oro in North Puntarenas.

Although the economy of Costa Rica is growing, rural communities such as Miramar rarely feel the impact of that growth, with approximately 21% of the region living in poverty, many of which are single mothers with children under 5 years old.

To help combat this, we are planting the trees that will be used by these women to produce biofuel and related byproducts they can sell to raise them out of poverty while simultaneously helping the environment.

We have begun this on a portion of donated land from one of our dearest supporters, but the space she can provide us will ultimately not be enough to have the impact we need. So we are currently still seeking funding for this project, primarily to secure our own land that we can reforest with Jatropha trees and serve as a local center for production, education and training for these women.




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About Costa Rica/Miramar

 4,859,340 national population
6,540 city population
21.4% live below the poverty line
31% population of Costa Rica made up of single mothers

our work here

Started work in November 2015
Planted 128 Trees thus far with an estimated 2,200 more by the end of 2016
198 hours in development by 9 volunteers
$1,537 invested thus far

solutions used

Reforesting of open land with Jatropha
Development of Jatropha fence-line 

angel investors

If you are considering making a larger donation, please contact me for details.