As we continue to raise the money to purchase our own main plantation, we are getting as many trees in the ground as we can in other locations. Our first small piece of land to use was donated by Gretel out near Miramar, and now we have a second thanks to the Maiquez family which allowed us the usage of an american football field-sized piece of land on their property in Alajuela, near the capital of San Jose.

We wasted no time and went out last weekend to plant the first 100 trees on the property!  It was a pleasant surprise to see that there was already some Jatropha there being used as a living fence and we will be pruning that back to optimize seed production as well as planting more fence line 🙂 Once completely planted, the space and fence line should hold over 1000 Jatropha trees!

Here are a few pictures of us planting… we’ll post more as the trees begin to grow!

planting jatropha in alajuela
May takes a break during planting of our new piece of land in Alajuela, Costa Rica
planting jatropha in alajuela
Spacing is very important, so we mark out the planting line for the trees and space them 1.5 meters apart.
planting jatropha trees for the environment
Ready to get to work and turn this bare field into a mini forest!
jatropha fence
We will be pruning the natural Jatropha on the property that is being used as fence line to optimize it for seed production.